big girls don't cry

dear,we still have the same eyes.

some girl they just like to walk under the rain because they think that they might hide from
public that they was crying. to run or to show,eyes just cant lies. eyes is just like the time
which it cant never lie eventhough someone try to change the times in the clock. still,the time
still will never changes.being a good girl or bad girl tears is your game. either you choose to use
it in heaven or hell.

crying is just not the solution. albert einstien never wrote a formula happy=crying. professor
klon never taught us to live in happiness crying is the medicine. make it simple. actually i cant win this words. i know i cant just simply write and tell you to not crying if you were depressed or hurt. what is more highlighted here is for your guys to stand up and raise your hand high. as high as you can. and whisper to yourself.i'am strong baby. i cant get it on without no one try to get it off.

ring a bell? everything is about to control. and most important is to chill. tears is not something
cheap to let it flow and give everyone to see it. its a precious thing u should keep until you
know when the exactly the time your tears can be use so u will find the moment is the most
wonderful moment in your whole life. a moment that u will keep remember.

but careful girl. never use your tears and hope that your boy will ask forgiveness from you.
to touch your boy darling feeling so he could bring a bunch of flowers or a slice of chesee cake.
careful dear. we are not just a tissue for you all.

i really disagree with the statement that girl is a community that always need help. the one who
always need a hand. actually you guys can also be as strong as us. man is actually the light. we can guide. but do walk by yourself. keep it move. walk slowly till u can run.

dont just simply get laid. be strong. make some noise. what is the most important here is to have a very high confident of yourself. doesnt pretend to be the one.if u are fatimah. just stay as fatimah. becoming timah is not a really a nice situation. its about pride and price. the higher the price you are the harder our game is going to be. and,never compare yourself with others. believe yourself and just do it bebeh!


waniey_freakingGOOD said...

girls just being girls, no one cant blame us for having soft-hearted.. that is just how things work it out.. btw main factor girls pour out their tears, is only to calm them self, not trying to find some symphty.. k..
"dear, we still have the same eyes, but never will have the same heart..."

p/s: albert einstien, was a MAN... thats why no formula regarding tears was ever invented..

btw, u have a sensetive heart HILMAN cz managed to wrote bout us GIRLS..
good for you..

chill, chow..

hanya memberi pendapat...
tidak merendah-rendahkan idea anda...

hilman.teddy said...

people can change dear.
if u keep on doing the same things,sampai bile.
sumthing needs 2 do.
me here to help.
man and woman are equal.
thats y there is such no difference beteeen albert or jane. =D

waniey_freakingGOOD said...

urmmm very subjective huh?? hard to discuss, cz everybody got their owned point of view and perception..

btw im still with my principle..

didnt said that you are wrong...

hilman.teddy said...


thnx 4 sharing! syg kmu! =D

fina. said...


hilman.teddy said...

sibuklah fina.haha.

doriyuckey said...

agree. Girls, stand up for (atleast) YOURSELF

hilman.teddy said...

haha.yes.u all gona make it. =D

Lea Shariff said...

kerana perempuan fitrahnya adalah mudah tangis.
kerana lelaki fitrahnya adalah menahan tangis.

tears depends on how strong the one's inner self.

it's a very good thing for you to write about girls. how thoughtful of you.

hilman.teddy said...

ya.tapi boleh diubah kan? lawan fitrah itu.jadi
seorang gadis yang kuat.boleh kan?

yes.thank u vry much.i just want 2 spread d message dat we r much difference.

u n i.we r d same. =D

Fathiah Sharifah said...

this is nice

-N e Y r A- said...

agree with: waniey_freakingGOOD

Anonymous said...

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